Digital Strategy Advisory Services


In the context of the Digital Transformation of an ever increasing list of industries, many firms are having a hard time catching up with a fast evolving competitive landscape. Yesterday's competitors are not tomorrow's competitors. Pure digital firms, among which the usual Internet giants, are putting their hands on more and more industries and services, disrupting yesterday's well behaved competition with agressive tactics, entirely new business models, innovative products, a better value proposition and customer service, etc.

The first casualties were the press, music, movie, telecommunications, retail, and travel & tourism industries. And the wounds are already quite profound: intermediation of the customer relationship, margin erosion, sometimes massive, deprecation of traditional business models, massive shift of customer behavior and habits, etc.

At this point in time, it seems pretty safe to assume that no industry is totally immune to the kind of impact that the above-mentioned industries have had to endure. CEOs, board members and executives need to prepare themselves to better understand the kind of new competitors that will pop up in their competitive landscape, the kind of value proposition that they will come up with, the kind of leverage that they will use, and the possible impact on their revenues and margins. Then, they need to understand how to react, and this is the hardest part, since the pace of innovation of the Digital Revolution is much higher than it used to be, and Open Innovation and Co-Innovation are two key approaches that every industry leader needs to master very quickly.

Executive-level Advisory

To address these issues, we provide a range of advisory services to firm executives, board members, and CEOs.

  • Assessment and presentation of the evolution of the competitive landscape to board members and executive committees.
  • Private sessions with CEOs and executives, in the role of a sparring partner.
  • Long-term missions to help the firm's management perform a SWOT analysis of their organization and update the way they run their business to prepare for its Digital Transformation.

Strategic Partnership Advisory

Innovation is key to a successful Digital Transformation, but internal innovation is usually not fast or disruptive enough to keep up with the pace of the Digital Revolution. Open Innovation with fast paced startups, as well as Co-Innovation with other firms are therefore a must. But innovation per se is not sufficient, and large firms must learn how to make major strategic bets on much smaller startups. And they must do so both quickly, and with a level of trust and confidence that is hard to achieve without external support. With our deep understanding of the startup scene as well as our extensive entrepreneurial experience, we provide you with the kind support you need.

Technology Advisory

Digital Transformation is all about new ways to connect to and interact with customers, collecting all sorts of data that can then be used to enhance every aspect of the way businesses are run: customer relationship, operational costs, innovation, marketing, invoicing, etc. Technology plays a central role in making sense of all this data, and Big Data technologies such as NoSQL, NLP and Deep Learning, in particular. With an extensive background in Technology and Computer Science, we will help you assess the technology required to reinvent your firm into a cutting-edge digital firm.