Scientific Lectures & Publications

L'Intelligence Collective d'Usage [French]

In J.-M. Noyer and B. Juanals, Technologies de l'information et Intelligences collectives, Ed. Hermès-Lavoisier (April 2010)

An Introduction to Search Engines

Invited Lecture, Collège de France (March 2008)

Recherche d'Aiguilles dans une Botte de Liens [French]

La Recherche, n° 328 (February 2000)

Type-Checking Higher-Order Polymorphic Multimethods

24th ACM Symposium on Principles of Programming Languages (1997)

Abstract Debugging of Higher-Order Imperative Languages

SIGPLAN Conference on Programming Language Design and Implementation (1993)

Efficient Chaotic Iteration Strategies with Widenings

International Conference on Formal Methods in Programming and their Applications (1993)

Abstract Interpretation By Dynamic Partitioning

Journal of Functional Programming, 2(4) (1992)

PH.D. Dissertation [French]

Sémantiques des Langages Impératifs d'Ordre Supérieur et Interprétation Abstraite (1992)